Monday, March 08, 2010

The Miracle of the Stone

It is odd, odd indeed that some people spend their entire existence seeking and never finding one single miracle in their lives. Strange it is that they wouldn't see that miracles abound all around us every day.

Life itself and the mysteries of its beginning is the greatest miracle of all. What is it that makes this pile of flesh and bone, air and water, mass and sinew live, breathe, think and create?

What of the plants and animals, from the birds in the air to the insects on the ground and the slimly underbellies of creatures who crawl in the bowels of the earth? Every tiny microbe that slithers across a Petri dish is in and of itself a miracle.

Consider the stone that lies on the ground at your feet. Cold, lifeless, void of feeling, or so we suppose, at least as we understand feelings in our simplistic plane of thought. Some force in the universe created the scenario that shaped and sculpted that stone into its present form and deposited it onto the very spot where it lies at your feet.

That stone existed in one form or another long before mankind set foot on this planet, and will remain in it's place until some outside force changes it. Whether that force be wind or water, heat or cold, flesh and blood... It will remain.

Take the stone in your hand. Feel its texture, its weight, its density. Run your fingers along its rough edges, leaving the residue of humanity on its hardened surface. Close your hand around it one last time before you place it back onto the ground.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how precise you think you may have been in replacing the stone to its original resting place, you can never be exact. Thus by moving the stone, by altering it's position in both time and space, you have altered the specific and precise order of the universe.

Because of you, the universe has been changed. You can't go back in time and undo your deed because time moves forward in a straight line. You can't pretend your actions never occurred because reality accepts no lies or pretenses. You can only move forward knowing that you have created, witnessed and played a significant role in a miracle.

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Nancy Kelly Allen said...

I enjoy your musings, Dennis. Even your prose reads like poetry. I agree, miracles are everywhere. All we have to do is look around us.
Nancy Kelly Allen