Sunday, November 06, 2011


Autumn and I are fast frequent friends
With memories mixed with the colors of rainbows.
We’ve weathered the storms,
Survived the transitions,
Sharing the anguish and bliss on the way.
Many a time have I witnessed her change,
The spinning of lush fervent green into gold,
The transfer from swelter to fresh fragrant foliage,
The crisp, clear allure her aura endows.
Who holds her miracle?
Who might explain
How the muse of the seasons so often inspire?
I stand in awe clinging fast to her bosom
Praying this slow dance might go on forever.
Heaven but knows how many more seasons
Await down the road before fate seals my end,
But Autumn and I will go on forever,
Here and hereafter,
My steadfast friend.

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