Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blink First

Conflicts cloaked in controversy.
Hard to know who’s right, who’s wrong,
But each is firm and both stand strong to
Plead their cases stridently.
Assertions flail on serpent’s rattle.
Bile and venom, spit and spew
Corrupt the wicked witches brew to
Bait bold rivals into battle.
Boundaries fade to shades of night
As parlay edges to debate
While simple reason hesitates and
No one steps into the light.
Eyes in lock –
            Tic toc
            Tic toc.
Watch the clock.
            Tic tic
            Toc toc.
There is no right.
            There is no wrong.
There are no choices, best or worst.
And who will sing the victor’s song?
The short and long is
            Who blinks first.

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