Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Hiding behind steely black raccoon eyes while
Employing the sly stealth of slinking red foxes,
You slither through tall grass seeking a quarry
Who you might manipulate, bait and devour.
Seeking that tinted edge layered with lies all
Tied up with ribbons in pretty pink boxes,
No caution or conscience, no time to be sorry.
Just sky-high ambitions with visions of power.
Bend a rule here.
Hedge a bet there.
“Hey! Look over yonder. “
"Honest! I swear! “

“You know you can trust me.
Would I lie to you? “
“Pay you back double in a day –
Maybe two.“
Approach all with caution
This carnival booth.
Cheaters abound here,
            Immune to the truth.


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