Monday, February 21, 2005

Selections from "Imagine That..."

Imagine That…

Imagine that today’s the day
Your every wish comes true.
Those hopes that kept on being dashed
Have finally met fruition.
That age old dream of peace on Earth
Become reality,
Faith fulfilled and failure bashed
Beyond all recognition.
Tell me, where do you go from here?
Are you complete? Immortal?
Are there more wishes beyond perfect?
Nirvana having lit,
Is secular contentment the
Only thing that matters?
Are you resigned to rest?
Let imagination quit?
Sorry. Doesn’t work that way.
Must don a different hat.
Another day, another distant dream.
Imagine that.

Make Believe
(Playing with Alex)

I'll be... You be... Let's be someone,
Anyone but who we are.
Made up stories,
Nursery Rhymes,
Fireman, teacher, circus clown.
I'll be cashier. You be customer.
"May I take your order, please?"
Rescue Heroes saving victims,
Pulling from the murky depths
With length of rope found safely hidden
Just for such emergencies.
Chopper Coppers chasing speeders.
Call for back up. 9-1-1.
Blast off to a new dimension,
Aliens and robots threaten,
Traversing the universe to
Make it safe for all mankind.
Bolds adventures,
Grand enchantment,
Hearty struggle to survive.
Who will I be... you be... let's be?
What a joy to be just five.

Where Did That Come From?

Don’t know why
Or even when or where or
How it came about.
Didn’t see it in creation.
Came to life all on its own.
Broke the flow of concentration.
Shifted gleefulness to angst.
Played a game of woeful kinship
On a spirit wild and free.
Suddenly the world is nightfall,
Shadows lurk in apparition.
Dark foreboding,
Desperate silence
Searching, listening for the call.
Turning this way, that way,
Which way.
Each direction so unsure.
Wanting for a guiding angel.
Waiting for the next footfall.

Let’s Pretend

Would you like some tea?
Oh, here! Let me pour.
Would that be one lump or two?
Come sit for a while.
Won’t you tell me a story,
A fable, a nursery rhyme?
Any one will do.
Later we’ll journey to lands
Far and distant,
Rescue a maiden,
Slay a dragon – or two.
I can go anywhere,
Be anyone, do anything
As long as there’s you.

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