Monday, February 21, 2005

Selections from "Love Endures"

Love Endures

And all the world shall slip away,
And time shall echo eons
Past the secular vernacular
To speed it to it’s higher ground. As
Level passes on to level,
Sweeping off old memories and
Stepping into worlds anew
Stripped of every sight and sound.

Nothing ever lasts forever.
Nothing ever really ends, just
Changes to a new dimension
Grounded in another realm.
The crossing over pathway shrouded
In a cloak of dusty gray
To break the dawning of tomorrow
Rising to control the helm.

Deep within the fight continues
Without treaty… without cures.
Only one thing offers solace
When it’s over…
Love endures.

The Eyes of a Lover

Eyes can say so much about
The character of their possessor.
Every bare emotion, like a mirror,
Is reflected there in some way,
Be it great or small.
There is no hiding from the glare
Of truth behind the subtle hue
Of color in the great confessor.

The eyes of a leader oft reflect
The passions of their followers,
Giving birth to dreams of change,
Kindling the fires of hope.

The eyes of a liar shift in their
Chameleon impersonation,
Holding in futility the
Frayed ends of their dangling rope.

The eyes of a killer can sear the landscape
Scorching all who cross their path,
Practiced in deceptive cunning,
Bursting into sudden wrath.

But the eyes of a lover hold no secrets,
Show no quarter or deceit.
Open to a world of giving,
Laying Heaven at your feet.

Finding the One

Barren waters fill the ocean
And the waves forget to roll
As tides, abandoning their schedule,
Cease to offer ebb and flow.

Every dewdrop sent from Heaven
Yields a taste of salty tears,
And darkness offers cover as they fall,
So no one has to know.

Hopeful hearts seek out their treasure
Nestled deep beneath the sands on
Far off islands waiting for the
Magic of discovery.

Gold-filled chests and diamond lined tiaras
Sparkle in the sun
And hearts fill with the knowing that
This is how it's meant to be.

Finding the one, the single treasure,
Seeking to go the extra mile,
Capturing gold at the end of the rainbow
Makes the journey all worthwhile.

Restless Seas

What mammoth creature down below
Has been disturbed and stirred to movement,
Making her waters, once calm and serene,
An angry mass of a restless sea?

God help us all if she breaches the surface.
Heaven forbid we should look on her face,
Her Medusa curse turning flesh into stone
In the micro-instant before we can flee.

Youthful exuberance might have survived it,
But that was ages and eons ago.
No longer the Captain or even the mate,
Merely a passenger caught in the fray.

Seeking safe harbor at journey's end,
Wanting no part of the battle ensuing,
Turning from harm and seeking a Navy,
I close my eyes and humbly pray.

God, give me strength to weather the battle.
See me before you in bended knees.
Help me to yield to your unbridled wisdom
As I ride the crest of your restless seas.

Angels Weep

The raven stalks a sleepless night
As silent darkness blankets all
The landscape of a troubled world
And destiny prepares to call.

Truth comes hard to those who wait
And wonder far beyond the day.
The silence catches unaware
And leaves a bitter bill to pay.

The only solace is a trusting
That the end brings yet a new
Beginning of a better making
Freshly born of morning dew.

Still the heart cries out in anguish,
Passions rising from the deep.
Prayers of longing and remembrance…
Lovers mourn as
Angels weep.


The sun fades in a distant west as
Twilight caresses the evening sky
With its' gentle colors of passionate pink,
And tiny pinpoints of starlight ensue.

Time grows weary and all the concerns of
The daylight dim as the sun settles in
To the tree tops, resting but a moment,
Offering promises old and new.

…And you fill my evening well into the night,
Holding my hand as the starlight appears
To capture the Heavens, filling the darkness
With all its' abundance of elegant grace.

Treasures abound in the evident spectacle
Born in amazement, meant to be shared.
But diamonds and gold can never compare to
The wonder I find in your sweet loving face.

No matter how long I may walk on these beaches,
No matter how wondrous the luminous prize,
Nothing on Earth or on this side of Heaven can
Outshine the starlight in my lover's eyes.


Flittering, fluttering all about
The garden on your silent wings,
Gathering the nectar of each
Flower's welcome bloom.
Pacing never, racing ever,
Bothering no single soul,
You dance your dance and
Weave a spell upon your magic loom.

And I become a witness as
You search the world in your brief time.
I watch as you emerge
Breaking free from your cocoon
In burst of brilliant colors which
Could rival Pharaoh's treasures,
And then disappear to darkness
All too soon.
Time escaping, passing by,
Watching with your painted eye,
Stopping not to question why.
Fly my little butterfly.

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