Monday, February 21, 2005

Selections from "Posers to Ponder"

Posers to Ponder

Questions come silently creeping to mind,
Queries come begging refined resolution,
Posers seek answers to life's little problems,
Processing logically to a conclusion.
But storm troopers break down the door of confusion,
Blitzkrieg, Gestapo, the secret police
Collide in a mind filled with thundering hooves
Of a stampede offering no inner peace.

Where do they come from?
What is their aim?
How do we handle the tirade, the flood?
Questions on queries on posers and more
Taking our breath away,
Drinking our blood.

We can't control our inquisitive nature.
Like curious cats, we simply must know.
No other creature on this big blue marble
Seeks out his future from eons ago.
Constantly seeking... Endlessly searching...
Longingly looking ahead and behind...
Pondering posers... Thrashing through logic...
Hoping beyond hope to find peace of mind.

We are but children, lost and abandoned
Making our way through an ocean of thought.
Sailing on seas froth with whitecaps of questions,
Searching for calm once the battle is fought.

Amusing the Muse

Think of the songs on the airwaves today,
The street corner lyrics, the music they play.
Do you think that the muse would be slightly amused
Or highly insulted? Just what would she say?

The things we now think of as oldies were once
Just as wicked and frantic and wild in their way.
But now they're nostalgic, recalling a memory
A moment a scene from a happier day.

Let's not be dramatic not too critical
Not bitter to act or express to accuse.
Our music once spent its' due time on the treadmill
Growing up slowly amusing the muse.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing is forever except the earth and sky.
No one is eternal in this life game masquerade.
"Players on a stage" to quote the bard of days gone by
Waiting for a sunny sky to rain on our parade.

Life's a simple matter when it's meant to be enjoyed.
Optimism dwells in hearts of single-minded men.
It's only complicated when endeavor is employed
To try and circumvent its' fated end.

There's nothing wrong with hoping for a better deal tomorrow
With planning for the future as we go about our play.
The future will be there forever in the earth and sky
But we are here...
This time... This place... Today.

Life's Little Wonders

The songbird at dawn fills the fresh morning air
With the nectar of music. He pridefully croons.
Rejecting submission, repeating with fervor,
It makes a soul wonder who taught him his tune.
He sings to the sun as it climbs the horizon
Sings to the moon as it floats through the clouds
Sings to the heavens as stars twinkle brightly
Sings for his lady alone in a crowd.

Life's little wonders so often forgotten
Or taken for granted... In sight yet unseen.
The scent of wild flowers the burst of their colors
From pink to magenta and twelve shades of green.

Life is filled with wonders so subtle
That most pass us by as we hurry along.
It's only by stopping and waiting and listening
The songbird can lend us the joy of his song.

Who Decides?

Decisions... Don't you hate them?
Choose me! Choose me! No! Me!
Competition runs amuck
Destroying subtlety.
Varied views with different hues of color
Shades of gray.
Fine distinctions shattered truth
Mutated molds of clay.
Who's the liar?
Who can tell?
What difference does it make?
"Pay your money"..."take your chances"...
Pay for your mistakes.
Figuring the way to go...
The many or the few.
Choices come in different sizes.
Who decides?
You do.

Where Do Worms Sleep In Winter?

I wondered once while digging
In the frozen earth of winter
What is the fate of the lowly worm
When the ground is chilled stone cold?
Does it burrow deep?
Does it hibernate?
Does it sprout wings and fly south
Or does it put its wanderings on temporary hold?
Perhaps it's just a silly question
From a simple mind.
Perhaps the mystery is not important to resolve
But to the worm it's life or death,
Instinct motivated.
A complicated riddle to be solved.
Motivation holds the key to trigger a reaction
Like Pavlov's dogs reacting to the bell.
So if somebody asks you where
The worm sleeps in winter
Go ask the worms.
Only they can tell.

How Much Is Enough?

Old man Mooney wanted it all
Would have taken the whole world
Were it for the taking.
Money and Mooney were partners to envy,
Never too much when there's more for the making.
How much is enough?
How much do you want,
Be it money or madness or sex?
How does it perplex you?
When will you be sated? Confess!
How much does it vex?
If stars in the heavens were in your possession,
If seas rolled by at your command,
If every favor were yours for the taking
Would there still be more you'd demand?
Open your eyes.
Take a wide look around you.
The oceans and stars are still there
Belonging to each of us in their own measure,
Enough for the whole world to share.

What Price?

All possessions carry costs.
Every service has its' levy.
Secret treasure lurks behind closed doors.
Everyone must serve a master.
We all give our due.
Every person pays a price.
Tell me, what is yours?

The Answer

What was the question?
I forget.
Something to do with "why".
Why this? Why that?
Why ask me?
I'm just trying to get by.
Love this! Hate that!
Rich dudes! Fat cats!
Everything's a fraud.
If you find the answer,
Tell me.
Loudly I'll applaud.

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