Monday, December 14, 2015

Domino Effect

Starts with but a single-hinged myopic
          Flight of fantasy
Falling fast on ears too eager to
          Exact veracity.
Bursting, bouncing, echoing beyond the bounds
        Where once begun
Its legend grew on wings that flew
          To spread beyond the setting sun.
Then one to cover, one
          To deny,
And one to set the record straight.
One to give a reason why.
          Far too little,
          Much too late.
Til hiding becomes commonplace
And walls of Jell-O shift and bend
In vague translucence seeking light
To find the rub
          To put to end.
And so they crash, these dominoes
Unburdened any weight of proof.
No hindrance or abatement
Tilting, falling, seeking,
          Finding truth.

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