Monday, December 14, 2015

Momma Said

Momma said patience is Heaven-blessed
So, I should just take a tater and wait.
She lived through hard times
(“Nobody had anything.”)
Leaving it all to the warm hand of fate.
Momma said calm is the kindest of friends.
“The long way around is the sweetest way home.”
And patience wins out for those willing to wait
And not rush the race to the final outcome.
Momma said truth is a constant companion,
Always reliable, won’t let me down.
But lies and deception are the devil’s disciples
Harboring heartaches, flaunting a frown.
Momma said troubles will knock at my door,
Panic may seize and frustrations perplex,
Pressures will squeeze and consequence vex,
But cooler minds win against knee-jerk reflex.
Momma said life should be lived, not observed.
Can’t join the feast if you don’t break some bread.
She lived by example. True to herself.
I’ll keep to my grave all those things Momma said.

Dennis Sidney Martin, 2015
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