Monday, December 14, 2015


Days of dread and nights of fitful slumber
Searching for a right to cure the wrong,
Struggling with demons in the melee
While gathering the strength to carry on.

Flying boldly in the face of logic,
Wearing claws of fearless fowl of prey,
Hindered only by the curse of memory,
Forgiveness finds another foe to slay.

Persistent in her grace and constant vigil
She waits until the storm clouds dissipate,
Then shifting with the stealth of soundless panthers
She swiftly moves to soothe and vanquish hate.

Thriving like the sweet magnolia blossom
Surviving in the swelter of the sun,
Healing hate’s apocalyptic evil,
She feeds the souls of all who carry on.

Praise to all who curry her fresh favor.
Raise a glass and sing a song or two.
The soul that bears forgiveness on its shoulders
Cast a shadow of a heart that’s pure and true.

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