Thursday, January 15, 2015

98.6 And Normal

Normal walks and
          Normal talks and
Sees and hears, tastes and feels.
Normal doesn’t question why or
         Ask for more than life reveals.

Normal never oversteps or
        Dives in depths with quick reactions.
Normal doesn’t dare to dream or
        Plan or scheme without distraction.

Normal doesn’t theorize or
        Seek the prize beyond the moon,
Crouching small among tall trees
        Afraid to sing a different tune.

Normal takes the easy path,
        Avoids the wrath of dissonance,
Seeks the shelter of accord,
        Fearful of a rebel’s stance.

If normal means to live in dread,
To hide my head so I can’t see the
Prospect of a foreign world,
Then normal I shall never be.

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