Thursday, January 01, 2015


Prosperity can be a pilfering pirate
Recklessly raging the seven seas,
Never quite quenching the cavernous craving
That mangles the mindset
          Like bent twisted trees.
“More,” cries the cringing crowd.
“Forever more.”
Never enough when there’s more to be mined.
But wealth is rewarded with misery’s mystery
Fraught with the folly that all might unwind.
Minions who manage on paltry possessions
Seek solace in prospect mere money can’t bring.
The freedom of fellowship,
Kindness and kinship
Silently soar on unwavering wings.
And we who are left to review the reward
May only observe absolute acclamation.
The fortune of love we find for each other is
The greatest of gifts since the dawn of creation.

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