Saturday, January 03, 2015

Bucket List

Gliding high beyond the clouds,
Plunging deep in silent seas,
Lingering in Paradise
Relaxing with the tropic breeze.

Tramp across the continent without
A care to cloud the day,
Soaking in the Muse of every
Songbird chanced along the way.

Write a book. Compose a song.
Sing an anthem for the crowd.
Leave a footprint so unique
It will make a nation proud.

Travel to a foreign land,
Learn to speak the native tongue,
Ambitious as the day begins,
Humble when the day is done.

The list goes on…
          And on…
                    And on…
So much to do,
          So little time.
Scratch off one, another waits.
A valley to cross,
          A mountain to climb.

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