Sunday, April 09, 2017

Blue or Gray

Different time – Different agenda –
Different mindset – Same old story.
Unapologetic profiteers
In search of gore and glory.
Clouds of conflict born in anguish
Pirated o’er angry seas.
Beast of burden – sold – debased
With brash delight for all to see
Passing decades shape a wealth
That disavows upright mores,
Casting shadows on a troubled land
Begetting blues and grays.
Now the angry argument is
Launched upon the killing fields
As both believe their cause is just,
And losses rise as neither yields.
But when it’s over a promise begins,
A covenant to consummate
Where all are equal and all can be free of
Gross divisiveness and hate.
And what was it they fought to free?
The blessings of sweet liberty
And equal justice for all men
Regardless of their shade of skin.
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