Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Wall

I haven’t seen it (yet),
          But I survived it
Along with hundreds of thousands more
Who left no small part of a poor man’s soul
Lost and confused in a “no-man’s” war.
Fifty thousand two two zero
Carved on a wall of shimmering black.
Brilliant brave souls who didn’t come back.
And tens upon tens upon thousands more
Who came back unwhole in body or mind
To be spat on, cursed and ridiculed by
A nation that seemed to be out of its mind.
But the wall stands tall and long and proud,
The message loud, the statement clear;
That these represent the best of the best
Who gave everything without question or fear.
So, we view them with pride
          --With their brothers-in-arms –
When we pause to reflect and recall.
And should we forget what true honor is worth
We need only stand close to the wall.
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