Sunday, April 23, 2017

Duel in the Sand

Some might say it was “not our concern,”
But when humanity meets rebuff
And sovereignty vanishes with the wind,
Someone must stand and say “enough.”
The storm has been brewing for quite some time
From cauldrons deep beneath the earth
While tyrants bask in newfound wealth
Without regard for human worth.
And now these rogues have crossed the line
That’s drawn from civil decency
To stake a claim and conquer all
In lands extending to the sea.
But gainsay forces disapprove
As cannons gather in the sand
And form a fearful peerless shield
To still the manic firebrand.
Now brash defiance steeps a tempest
Building to a violent storm
To sweep across the burning dunes
Determined as a hornet’s swarm.
But even when the dust is settled
Under the flaming desert sun,
Each side lays claim to victory
And no one knows who really won.
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