Saturday, April 15, 2017

… To End All Wars

Didn’t want to get involved, but
Someone had to end the mess;
Those adolescent-acting oafs, so deep
Entangled in distress.
A spider’s web of horror
Overshadows “over there”, and
They need to halt the madness
E’er it migrates “over here”.
So, off the Doughboy goes to
Crush the Kaiser’s horrid hordes,
And vows he’ll not return until
He’s stilled the rattled swords.
Through the muck and mist and mire of
A wretched no-man’s land,
Inch by inch and trench by trench
He clashes hand to hand.
Into the deep perdition,
Arising from the catacomb,
Fulfilling every promise
Til sweet victory brings him home.
And now the task, the fearful task
That victory implores,
That this ungodly struggle be
The war to end all wars.
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