Wednesday, August 02, 2017


No one wants to be forgotten,
Vanishing into the foggish 
Memory of misbegottens, 
Tapering to miniscule 
Fragments of frenetic thought
Oxidizing into rust.

Large in life, behemoth that you are 
In lavish local lore, 
Can’t imagine that your memory could 
Fade into the night to 
Nothing but a radar blip 
Scarcely noticed to trained eyes.

Much more frightening than dying, 
So much angst to toss about, 
Think about, 
Talk about, 
Howl and whine and shout about. 
Will history and legacy be filled with fact 
Or lined with lies?

Though the thought be bittersweet, 
Kind, unkind, unjust. 
Someone please remember when my 
Aging bones return to dust.

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