Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Thrust Upward

We had it all, begging no pardon, 
Accepting no quarter from frequent distracters, 
Keeping a light over our pretty bedclothes, 
Feeding the meter with coinage aplenty.

Happily, snappily, jauntily singing, 
Running through sprinklers in childlike joy, 
Bracing for nothing, braking for less, 
Flying full-throttle through oceans of air.

We never thought the world could come crumbling, 
Never imagined us coming to end. 
Tolls left unpaid coming due with a vengeance, 
Sipping the bile of indifference and change.

I ran with blinders; did not see it coming 
Til you stopped me hard, dagger in hand. 
Stabbing me deep to the pit of my stomach 
You thrust upward straight to my heart.

I can’t imagine my world without you. 
You can’t imagine the damage you’ve done. 
Heart soundings mutes to eternal silence 
Joined with the undead in their zombie walk.

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