Monday, August 07, 2017

Take a Tissue

Sitting in silence, head bowed, eyes lowered, 
Awaiting the tribute that sorrow bestows. 
Most stalwart patrons are stoic, unmoving 
Except for a jostle to reset position. 

Dressed up in finery, scrubbed and bejeweled, 
Ladies in hats, overdone in perfume. 
Men pulling ties from the back of the closet, 
Hoping that no one will notice the stain.

Laughter of children noticeably absent. 
Dare not expose. Would not understand. 
Craving a cigarette, fighting the urge. 
Will anyone notice if I sneak away?

Somewhere a whimper, a sniffle or cough 
Reminds the gathered that life still exists, 
Moving with surety sunrise to sunset, then 
Resting a bit to start over again.

After the weeping and wailing is over, 
After the tissues are all thrown away, 
After the sorrow evolves to remembrance, 
Let there be laughter;
Let there be food.

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