Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Chicken, mushrooms, green tomatoes, 
Ice cream, mozzarella sticks.
Deep fried, refried, home fried 
With pride. Momma! Cook it quick. 
Fried zucchini, fried potatoes, 
Pork chops in a pan. 
Shortening, lard or olive oil, 
I’m your biggest fan. 
So, my blood gets sticky platelets. 
I’ll just take a pill; 
Eat a drumstick or a wing 
Until I have my fill. 
Grandma cooked with love and lard; 
Lived to ninety-two. 
Cholesterol and hypertension?
Words she never knew. 
Okay. So, they did a study. 
And my doctor says, “Take care. 
Live in moderation and 
Make yourself aware.” 
Still, I have suspicions, thinking 
Someone must have lied. 
God’s cruel joke to make it bad 
Just because it’s fried.

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