Saturday, August 05, 2017


‘Must keep moving forward,’ says the boss,
‘Must outpace competition.’
Cannot pause to rest the weary. 
Barely time to dress their wounds.

Fix this, patch that, leap a hurdle, 
Quick step, side step if you dare. 
Zero tolerance for stooges. 
Even less for Looney Toons.

Deadlines loom as thunderheads. 
Setbacks threatening to drench a 
Fateful plan, to wash away all hint 
Of progress, kill the dream.

Deadpan faces dressed as zombies 
As they goosestep in close ranks. 
Worker bees surround the hive
Dead set to protect their queen.

Can’t afford one more delay. 
One more setback does us in. 
Too much pressure, 
Little pleasure, 
So much hassle just to win.

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