Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fragments of Hope

Even in the worst of times 
When faith dwells near abandonment, 
And trust appears a unicorn 
Impossible to hold, 
These tiny fragments still remain 
And lift their voices in refrain 
To sing that we are foreordained 
To softly tread on streets of gold.

We know not our destiny, 
Dare not rely on prophecy 
To foretell outcome in our “wannabee”. 
But if these fragments are employed 
Their roots can flower into joy 
And lift us from the dregs of drudgery.

Let all rejoice to realize 
That optimism never dies, 
But gently waits in patient afterglow. 
Its colorful kaleidoscope 
Exists in fragments filled with hope 
And that is all we really need to know.

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