Monday, May 29, 2017

The Future is Now

“Oh, I’ll get around to it someday,” 
The procrastinator chimes. 
“Right now, this, tomorrow, that. 
It’s only a matter of time.”

But time doesn’t stay, 
It keeps running away, 
And tomorrow may never arrive
We cannot foresee and there’s no guarantee 
We’ll be lucky enough to survive.

The young man may look to the future, 
And the young woman sketches her schemes. 
But chance and delay comes to get in the way 
Causing chaos to shatter their dreams.

Rosanna retires with a whimpering whine 
After decades of struggle and sweat, 
But the greatest desires 
Of her youth have expired 
And now she looks back with regret.

Tomorrow’s dark phantom 
Looks back with a scowl 
To humbly remind us… 
The future is now.

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