Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sing it Again

Sing me a song of a bright peerless dawn 
Under crystalline cloudless skies, 
Where the air breathes clean 
Over mountain and stream 
And the golden eagle flies.

Sing me a song of the land that I love 
In a gentle lullaby, 
Where I can live free 
In sublime liberty 
As the years roll quietly by.

Sing me a song of a patriot’s dream 
And his fearless battle cry, 
With his ungrudging guile, 
His will and his wile 
And the fire in his eye. 

Sing me a song about freedom’s hope 
With the soothing strains of violin. 
Sing softly and sweet 
And when it’s complete, 
If you don’t mind, please, 
Sing it again. 

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