Friday, May 05, 2017

The Defense of Baltimore

She was the key, this tidy port,
This haughty, so-called pirate’s nest
Standing defiant in her measure
To lash and seize and hoard her reward.
To capture this prize and bring her to heal
Could go far in quelling this newborn unrest
And teach these upstart scallywags
The might of their former overlord.
But Lord Baltimore’s children had different ideas,
Amassing in fields and thickets and woods
Saying “Let them come” marching in rank and file.
We’ll cut them to ribbons and end this for good.
So, Ross with his army, his pomp and his pride
Embarks from the point on his fateful ride.
He speeds to the front in his rakish attire
To be felled in the flash of sharpshooter fire.
And when on the field the armies collide
In a battle that lasted only one day,
The Redcoats concede to superior force
And exit the pitch without further delay.
The ships in the harbor lay waste to McHenry
As the noble flag continues to waive,
And a nation grows up by the dawn’s early light
As the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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