Saturday, May 27, 2017


What to do and when to do it,
Help me, Lord, find my way through it. 
Just keeps getting tougher all the time. 
As many needy palms beseech 
As pebbles strewn upon the beach, 
As muddled as a syncopated mime.

Need an organized triage 
To treat this maddening barrage 
Insuring most important tasks get done. 
Caffeine may help clear the brain 
To deal with lessers that remain 
And maybe leave a little time for fun.

If we can swift prioritize 
Events that come into our lives 
With all the logic each must quantify, 
Then as we opt which way to go 
We seek the wisdom of Thoreau 
And log his sage advice… simplify.

Tangled, tossed priorities
Buzzing like the busy bees, 
An easy one word summary… 

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