Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Bastards took us by surprise 
Pouring across the thirty-eighth 
Like roaring banshees on steroids 
Bashing down the gates of hell.

Why they want this damnable place 
Only Satan can be sure. 
But if they take Korea, where will it end? 
It seems impossible to tell.

The “red threat” has to perish here 
Before it spreads across the sea, 
Else we may lose all we hold 
Of freedom, life and liberty.

Lines are drawn. A stalemate dawns 
And still the clash ensues. 
Sad emissaries play their games and 
As both sides bicker, 
Both sides lose.

Five million precious souls are lost 
In this gruesome “conflict” metaphor. 
What kind of lie let’s so many die 
And they won’t even call it a war.

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