Thursday, June 01, 2017

N.I.M.B.Y. (not in my back yard) 

Everyone agrees it’s a good idea, 
One that will reap a real benefit. 
Just don’t put it in my back yard. 
That’s something I simply will not permit.

Now, I’m not heartless, don’t you know? 
I feel compassion for those folk, 
But I don’t want them in MY neighborhood. 
My God! I think I’d have a stroke

If I had to associate, or 
Even pass them on the street. No. 
Let them find someplace where 
Indiscretion isn’t indiscreet.

What? You think I’m insincere? 
You say that I’m a hypocrite? 
My friend, I have you know that 
I am totally the opposite.

I don’t mind if you have your way. 
I’ll even stand as your vanguard. 
Go! Build the project of your dreams…
Just not in my back yard.

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