Wednesday, June 07, 2017

A Twist of Fate

Plans are great… 
            And necessary. 
Everyone should have a goal 
Along with a map to get there 
To help them grasp and keep control.

But plans are often sidetracked by 
A sure but subtle twist of fate 
That recasts hunger’s fierce desire 
And occupies a different plate.

Even blatant surety 
Cannot be grist to guarantee that 
Every plan must carry true to form. 
The ride of cunning circumstance 
Can oft unveil the gypsy’s dance 
And transform to a search for unicorns.

But dreams need not be abdicated 
Just because plans break apart. 
The shattered pieces congregate to 
Find a brand-new place to start.

Focus! Focus on the point. 
Important plans do not abate. 
They can thrive and will survive 
The meanest, harshest twist of fate.

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