Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Out of the Sky

Shock and awe rain out of the sky 
 -A perpetual juddering whirligig – 
Sending even the strongest, shuddering, 
Seeking shelter from the crippling storm.

The constantly pounding juggernaut 
Creating bedlam and confusion til 
Nowhere in this endless night is there 
A place that’s safe from harm.

I pause and ponder what unforgivable 
Evil deed I must have done to 
Summon this Hell from the firmament 
To overwhelm and paralyze .

Surely, there is justice somewhere, 
Some great karma round the bend 
With shielding power to sustain us 
So we might survive.

This is madness, 
Vile nightmare, 
This undue cacophony 
That seems incessant in its measure. 
Must it be the end of me?

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