Saturday, June 03, 2017

Night Shadows and Nightmares

Night shadows fall as 
The sun sings his curtain-call 
Eerily stalking in stark apparition. 
Should be a time for peaceful reflection, 
Soothing and still at the end of the day.

Soon eyes must close 
As sleep is a requisite. 
A full day tomorrow… must be refreshed. 
Cannot be slave to inane inconveniences. 
Won’t let clear nuisances get in the way.

But demons have other ideas and intentions. 
They skulk in the background ready to pounce 
At the first sign of slumber 
Dredging up images, 
Horrors, unthinkable, pulled from the past.

So long ago in a faraway place 
Nightmares that time can never erase 
One moment there, bright smiling face, then 
Gone in an instant without a trace.

Oh, God, how long must this wicked night last?

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