Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Awake at Midnight

Watching walls…
         Awake again 
With midnight creeping past my door.
Mind awash with daylight dread, 
Thoughts unsaid, 
        Sad regrets.

A million ways to make amends
For slights and slashes of the tongue, 
Songs unsung or sung so much 
They cannot leave my hollow head.

Nagging hunger for a slice of
Humble pie as recompense. 
Trying hard to make some sense of 
Arguments and quarrels.

Oh, the horror.
         Ah, the humor. 
Steeped in rumored innuendo 
Meant to send no earthly message 
For the masses to ignore.

Oh, that I could clear my head of
Past regrets, 
         Future frets. 
Perhaps I would not find myself alone 
        Awake at midnight.

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