Sunday, June 04, 2017

Fireworks Over the Harbor

Boom – Pop – Pow – Rumble – 
Flash – Sparkle – Ooh and Wow! 
Glistening off the black harbor waters 
Like flames on a mirror to hypnotize.

Dazzling the gathering throng 
With magical brilliance of wonderment 
In fervent celebration of 
Our cherished nation’s dazzling rise.

Glint and glitter, 
Flurry and flicker, 
The rockets shrill shriek of dismay , 
The burst and the blaze of 
The fierce cannonade. 
How can anyone dare walk away?

We are rows of corn 
Gazing into the skies 
To the rich psychedelic 
Feast for the eyes. 
And fantasy flourishes to extreme, 
Uplifting the soul… 
Inspiring the dream.

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