Monday, June 12, 2017

Cross Country

Sometimes you just want to hop on 
That Harley and head off to nowhere 
With no given plans, 
Or leap on a slow-rolling freight train 
To hide and ride thousands of miles 
Across vast open lands.

A countryside long and wide 
Ocean to ocean, border to boundary 
To mountainside, 
City to forest to desert and canyon 
From dawn’s maiden brilliance to eventide.

You may fly through bright clouds 
Laying claim to her wonders, 
Drive her highways and byways in every detail, 
View her marvels and monuments, 
Forests and foundries, 
Follow her mysteries 
Down every trail.

Whether by train or plane, auto or boat, 
No matter how long or how far you may roam 
Across this great land, in all of its splendor, 
One thing is certain: 
There is nowhere like home.

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