Thursday, June 29, 2017

In Need of a Blessing

I don’t ask for much; there’s
Not too much I truly need; 
A book, a pencil, a quiet hour 
Nesting in my easy chair.

The trials of a hectic day 
A spinning top slowly winding down 
To a wobble, a wiggle, 
A final spin. 
At rest til started up again.

So, why feel cheated? Discontent? 
What great malady ensues? 
Is the quest so daunting 
That it makes me cry for 
Devine benevolence to intervene? 
Is the path so troubled and 
Fraught with brambles that 
Every step is a task of its own?

Perhaps the masters of overstatement 
Have sold me a house in sad need of repair, 
A money pit with no end to the cycle, 
Forever in need. 
Forever in need. 
In need of acceptance. 
In need of a prophesy. 
In need of a blessing 
To find my way.

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