Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life Goes On

If the end is the beginning and
The portal must be breached,
Then the search need not fall heavily 
Upon the beaten masses who
Sit and weep and keep the vigil 
Deep into the night, 
Who cast their gaze toward heaven til 
The hopeless feeling passes.

And you and I bear witness 
And stalk uneasy truths 
And wonder at the wonder of 
The awful wondrousness. 
Dare we pose the question? 
Dare we to offer answer? 
Are we somehow at fault and 
If we are, do we confess?

For every sparkling dewdrop 
For every baby’s cry
For every lilt of laughter in
A halt and brazen world 
There lives a new beginning 
There lives a sad goodbye  
A bittersweet dilemma 
As the story is unfurled.

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