Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Who would have guessed it? No one suspected.
You, so lucid, so docile, so meek, 
So filled with scruples, so bent on tolerance,
Never suspected of vengeful bones.

But truth is a bitch who knows no remorse, 
And facts lie before us in humbling rote. 
You, in your passion, committing atrocities 
No one who knows you could ever foresee.

Now in reflection I see you rehearsing, 
Running your lines again and again. 
No room for error. No turning back now. 
Focused obsession your only meal.

Keep your head down and be very still. 
Become invisible. Don’t make a sound. 
Silence and stealth frame an alliance 
Able to bring down the largest of prey.

Wait for your moment to leap from the shadows. 
Pounce with a fierceness that overwhelms 
The bravest heart, crushing resistance, 
Crumbling will like an axe to the skull.

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