Monday, June 12, 2017


Our lives are made up of decades 
From zero to ninety-nine.  
When we recollect the “Good Old Days” 
It is how we measure our time.

Think back on the roaring twenties: 
Prohibition, speak-easies and flappers. 
Then it all fell apart in the thirties, 
The depression distressing that chapter.

The forties did not fare much better. 
The whole world was a sad battle song. 
Then the fifties saw wars, both hot and cold. 
Thank God! Rock and roll came along.

The sixties saw turmoil with mobs in the street. 
The age of assassins. The pain of defeat. 
The seventies brought our resolve into question, 
And Disco and leisure suits were the obsession.

The eighties and nineties were on cruise control 
As if common sense may have returned to the fold. 
So many lessons. You’d think we would learn.
But we just stalk the sidelines 
And watch decades turn.

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