Saturday, June 10, 2017


What virtues do you most admire?
So many to espouse. 
We’ll make a list if you insist 
So we might freely browse. 
They say patience is a virtue, but then 
So’s tenacity, and 
Understanding rates quite high 
Along with purity. 
Ethics makes the list with 
Incorruptibility, and 
Worth is so important to 
Preserve our dignity. 
Honor is the cornerstone 
Of deemed propriety, 
But honesty is vital to 
Secure integrity. 
Innocence is virtue blessed 
By chaste morality, while 
Goodness shadows worthiness, 
The grounds of decency.

But there is one that stands alone 
In virtues, great and small. 
Kindness… simple kindness is 
The greatest virtue of them all.

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