Monday, June 05, 2017

A Ballad of Nations

Here in this land where all are free 
To enjoy the triumph of liberty 
We celebrate a history 
Of constant faith and loyalty.

Beneath Her broad majestic skies 
A royal feast enchants our eyes
And every day brings new surprises 
Filled with fruitful energy.

We are one people, proud and strong 
With balance between right and wrong 
Who bravely sing our victory song 
For us and for our progeny.

When the storm clouds overcome 
And fate belays our dream, 
We’ll lift the torch of liberty 
Rejoicing in Her golden beam.

Kingdoms will fade and empires go 
In melancholic fits of woe, 
But this republic continues to grow 
To seek its greatest destiny.

And when it all is said and done 
We will look back on all we’ve won.

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