Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Constant Vigil

The watchman stands punctilious guard 
As his charges rest in sweet repose. 
He speaks no word, makes not a sound 
To stir the hush as darkness grows.

His mission clear: to still all fear to 
Grant them winsome peaceful sleep. 
His warry eyes rest on the prize, 
Relentless, as he tends his keep.

Woe to those who dare to breach 
The borders he is sworn to tend. 
No interlopers penetrate 
Where he has chosen to defend.

And so must we all watchful be 
With steadfast caution, circumspect 
Of demons lurking in the dark, 
Our one and only task: protect.

Prudence brings its own reward 
Rejoicing with exuberance, for 
Caution begets peace of mind 
To those who practice vigilance.

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