Monday, June 12, 2017

One Last Word

Let me say just one more thing 
Before I rest my quill and muse. 
I’ll make no apologies to those 
Bewildered or bemused by 
The uncluttered caterwauling 
Found within these simple lines 
And pages to exemplify 
Opinions that are clearly mine.

You may love or hate or view 
My words with bland indifference. 
Mayhap you feel I castigate 
With malice or impertinence.

But wait.

I hold no malice in my heart 
For any who might bid me same. 
To issue harm or cause alarm 
Are items that I dire disclaim. 
But dare not test the limits 
Of my patriotic verve. 
It is resolute, with absolute 
Perpetual reserve.

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