Friday, June 09, 2017

Loyal to the Last

He couldn’t tell you why 
He volunteered, only to say 
It was something that he felt he had to do, 
To help… to serve. 
There were other options that 
He might have chosen. Better pay, 
Better hours, not as taxing on 
His body or his nerves.

He didn’t mean to make his mother 
Cry so many tears, 
But she couldn’t hide the pride 
She felt inside her breaking heart. 
He only meant to honor her and 
All that she had taught 
Of integrity and loyalty and 
All that they impart.

He knows that any moment can bring 
Turmoil to his life 
Where endangerment can threaten hard and fast. 
But he will never waiver 
In the face on enmity. 
He vows to stay forever faithful… 
And loyal to the last. 

Lulu Storefront: 

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