Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Longest Road

So many highways and byways to roam 
In every imagined direction. 
So many places to go and to see, but 
Too little time for reflection.

Youth is a footpath of foreshadowed trails, 
Much too busy to echo reproach, but 
These pathways grow longer 
As summers traverse 
And culpability comes to encroach.

The cherished path is the lane that is shared 
With the one true love, so adored. 
As the dove lingers long it will warble its song 
Like a wayfaring charmed troubadour.

The roadway of age lingers long, travels slow, 
Pausing frequently to contemplate
All the streets and the avenues 
Crossed and recrossed 
And the memories each one relates.

But the longest road, 
The loneliest road, 
Is covered with cobblestone. 
A thoroughfare paved in shades of despair, 
For the longest road is travelled alone.

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