Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scary, Scary

Monster faces…
        Scary, scary…
Moaning, wailing 
        In the night. 
Bloody hands reach out 
        In darkness 
Searching for a 
        Throat to squeeze 
Til every ounce of 
        Precious life 
Has left the soul to 
        Take to flight, 
Every thought snuffed 
        Into blackness, 
Life stilled with 
        Delightful ease. 
Damn you, Monster! 
        Damn to Hell 
Your crass satanic 
        Evil ways. 
I defy your 
        Midnight revels, 
Stand with dagger, 
        Sword and shield. 
Ready to defend 
        My castle
With my last 
        Remaining breath. 
Breathe your fire. 
        Do your worst. 
I shall never, 
        Ever yield.

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