Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Low-balled Again

Blanked and bewildered by 
Low-ball deception, 
Cranked up and shanked with 
A shiv to the gut. 
Offered up lamb-like to 
Bare pagan ritual, 
Left like road kill to 
Rot in the rut. 

You might have thought I would 
Learn by now to 
Stay out of the waters where 
Sharks tend to tread. 
But blinders and short-term 
Memory lapses 
Beckon for strangers to 
Crawl in my bed.

I take exception, 
Protest in anger. 
No matter the offer from 
Stranger or friend. 
My eyes won’t falter. 
My will won’t wither. 
I will never be 
Low-balled again.

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