Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Song for You

Maybe Elton John could have 
Done a better job, 
Or John Denver in his subtle and bemused 
Befuddled way. 
They knew the nuance needed, 
All the buttons to be pushed 
To make all the ladies tingle
As they gently swoon and sway. 
This song’s for you. 
No one else can steal the show, 
And I know it’s true 
That our love can only grow. 
Right from the start 
It’s as if I always knew 
That my heart will always sing 
A song for you.

True love is forever 
Or at least that’s what they say. 
When you find that special someone to adore. 
You find it growing stronger 
Every minute, every day, 
Strolling hand in hand 
Through every open door. 

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