Thursday, July 06, 2017

Leave It Alone

There are times when a well-spoken word 
Can bring peace to a troubled world, 
But lately the words between us 
Only get in the way. 
The more that we talk, the more we sound bitter 
Til the words finally cut to the bone. 
I believe that it might have been better 
To just leave it alone.

The world will keep turning, and 
Hearts will keep yearning 
In whispers that speak soft and low. 
But your words undo me, 
The anger cuts through me, 
And I simply can’t let it go.

A handful of laughter can’t hide 
All the heartache we hold inside. 
There’s just not much left to say 
When the feeling is gone. 
If we can’t learn trust in each other 
There’s no need to talk at all. 
We might as well talk to ourselves 
And just leave it alone.

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