Friday, July 21, 2017

Take My Hand

There’s a place where teardrops go 
To lose their memories, 
In a land where pain and sorrow can’t survive. 
Every heartache knows the way
To pray on bended knees 
Til the passion of forgiveness can arrive.

I have felt the winds of chance 
Flowing over us 
Taking all control of fate from our command. 
But I know it’s not too late 
If you believe in you and me.
We can make it if you’ll only take my hand.

There are words we can’t take back even 
If we wanted to. 
There are things that we have done 
We can’t undo. 
But a future without us is unacceptable. 
My life would have no meaning without you.

There’s a place where we can go 
To bring back happiness, 
Holding all the hope two people can demand. 
We can’t find our way alone. 
That’s impossible. 
We can make it if you’ll only take my hand.

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